Corey Courtney Garrison

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On October 30, 2020 Corey Courtney Garrison was shot and killed by an employee at Hanks Supermarket on St Claude Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana while his fiancé and children waited in a nearby vehicle. His death was ruled a justifiable homicide by the New Orleans police department but his family tells a different story of what happened that day. “Our children have not been able to sleep or eat well since then,” said his fiancé Rochelle Broadnax who has been left to care for the couple's 5 children. Since the shooting there has been little to no media coverage about the 25-year-old Garrison, which is why The New Black Panther Party says they’ve descended on the store to “Shut it down”. A lone heavily armed “security professional” guards the door to the 9th ward store which has gained fame with newcomers to the neighborhood as the late-night stop after a night out at nearby nightclubs and art galleries that now line St. Claude avenue. Representatives of the New Orleans Chapter of the New Black Panther Party vow to continue making a visible show of force for the foreseeable future. For more info follow #justice4co @justiceforco
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